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Jessica Mason


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Jessica Mason is a progressive candidate running for a U.S. Congress seat to represent Texas’ 30th District.

The Problem

Jessica’s team had a “professional” company design her logo & website but their work was disappointing to say the least.


I brought my partner on to this project and we created her new logo, her website, a style guide and overall a brand that easily stands out from the crowd.

About our consumer

TX-30 is a majority minority district in South Dallas with a population of over 695,000; 44% are black & 35% are hispanic. The median income is ~$40,000 so they need a people-first candidate which will focus on drastically improving their material conditions.

The previous Logo

Jessica’s team first wanted to tackle the logo. They disliked the generic design. But they wanted to keep a reference to Dallas in some way, or at least Texas; this original logo used a lone star & Dallas’ Reunion Tower.

Their Logo wishes

Jessica’s team sent over a rough mockup as inspiraion as well as some logos that they admired for one reason or another. The gist was they wanted something classic, bold, inspirational and unique compared to other logos in the political landscape.

competitive audit

Before kicking off we also wanted to review the competition, nothing too special there but we did find a pattern amongst the colors used. Purples & blues were very popular amongst other democratic candidates, we understood the symbolism there but we really wanted to stand out if placed in a field of political yard signs.

gathering inspiration

We gathered hundreds of pieces of inspiration, above are a few examples. We kept going back to the 60s & 70s for inspiration; it was a radical time with great typography, groundbreaking design & radical progress was being made for human rights. Also, by chance the Reunion Tower was built in the 70s.

Our logo explorations

We created over a 100 logo variations and presented just a few.

Their selection

They selected the above logo. They liked that we subtly kept the reunion tower in the logo’s large “i” tittle.

Colorful explorations

We followed even more revolutionary 60s & 70s inspirations. Again we had over 100 attempts at getting the colors down right for the logo, the above is just a glimpse at a semi-organized portion of it. We presented just a few of these.

Colorful Result

They selected these colors for the logo & added on that they for sure wanted to keep the navy blue as a primary brand color since Jessica served in the U.S. Navy. We also cleaned up the logo, see if you can spot the subtle differences compared to the logo above!

A seal

We repeated the whole inspo & exploration process for a requested seal, these are just a few examples.

seal & rays

This is the seal we ended up with and behind the “i”’s tittle we included rays, heavily inspired by Black Panthers’s art. The rays keep coming back to inspire hope.

Brand Style Guide

Based on our research and client feedback we started to visualize the future of Jessica Mason’s brand so we began built a brand style guide that would pair well with the logo.

The Web

While I mainly focused on the branding & art direction above, my partner mainly focused on the UX/UI & development. I still believe it’s important to share Jessica Mason’s website differences because a lot of the Art Direction decisions manifested themselves into the updated site’s UI, including some icons that I designed and some of my photography that populates the site.

web in progress

Jessica Mason’s campaign is still in progress and her primary is March 2022, we’ll keep making updates along the way, check my portfolio periodically for design updates ;) And please check out her campaign at

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