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‘Ketches ‘n ‘Oodles

The archived, forgotten & unfinished. My sketches and doodles.

Experience Design
MAIP x 100 Roses from Concrete

The mental health issues & other inequalities that BIPOC persons are not a glitch in the system, they are systemic programming. We’re not alone & there are resources available to support us.

Solo design / team strategy

MAIP x Allstate

Allstate protects more than just your car, this campaign shows many other protected incidences through a road trip adventure.

Solo design / team strategy

Art Direction, Design & Illustration

The leading cause of accidental death, is unintentional poisoning, this includes drug overdoses. Part of the problem is that recreational drugs lack regulated distribution so they may not be what the user expects. Teaching sexual abstinence to prevent pregnany and STDs has been proven to be ineffective, in the same vein, teaching drug abstinence is flawed. A harm-reduction based approach includes testing drugs for adulterants.

The non-profit DanceSafe educates on harm-reduction, they offer free drug-testing at EDM festivals and they also sell affordable kits online.

Solo with instructor guidance

MAIP x Radiohead

The conceptualized album art uses an earthy color palette, the lightest color is creamy, and the darkest shade is reminiscent of very dark tree bark. The tree uses blues and grays to represent the pale death of nature. The sky is filled with yellows and grays due to air pollution. The ground uses browns and reds to convey the death of all the living beings that once lived on Earth.


MAIP x Jockstrap

Conceptualized single album art, blending the beautiful classic & hectic contemporary vibes of Jockstrap.


Nantasha Williams for NYC-27

The above are just a few examples of the dozens of designs I made for Nantasha’s campaign. Nantasha won the city council seat!

Solo with client feedback


Take care of your pet and pay for pet health insurance, you’ll see them everywhere once you miss them.

Solo with instructor guidance

Cannone Gelato & Cucina

Created designs to almost completely cover a truck with stickers + designed table stand promos & dozens of other printed & digital materials.

Solo with client feedback

smiling sister

My smiling sister makes me smile :)


photoshopping for “Sol” & “Ethereal Niece”

“Sol” includes a photo I took of the solar eclipse across Kansas City, as well as a photo I took of my friend on top of a parking garage. “Ethereal Niece” includes a photo I took of my niece <3

“Sol” Solo / “Ethereal Niece” Created with some suggestions from my sister while teaching her Photoshop.

Twitch Rivals Legends

Our brief was to create a viral campaign for Twitch, we didn’t win but we got honorable mention due to all the similarites with the winning campaign

Solo animation / team strategy & static designs

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

I was inspired by Jeff Magnum's reference to Anne Frank and how he wishes that he could go back in time to save her.

Solo with instructor guidance

Natural Friends

Some friendships happen naturally. I illustrated these for some friends, taking inspiration from our previous adventures.


Urban Oddities

Urban scenes are full of oddities, some are plainly visible... others only visible to a trained eye ;)