Toni León is the type of person who stops while walking on a sidewalk to say "hi" to a tree because Toni thinks that the wind waves a tree's leaves to let the tree wave hi to Toni.

Toni is that jerk causing traffic because they slow down while driving and wait for the pigeons to waddle out of the way.

Toni León is a creative professional in Austin and their top "CliftonStrengths" strength is empathy.

Besides UX/UI, Toni has experience in Art Direction, Videography, Photography & Production. They once wanted to be a film-director but they still love creating experiences.

As a queer Latine individual, Toni's drive to do good in the world stems from personal experience and the desire to see others live better lives full of love.

Toni believes that the first step in helping anyone, including consumers and co-workers, is understanding them.

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